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Dear visitor,

2017 invites and inspires us. A large number of our winemakers were mentioned in the world's most prestigeous wine magazines last year. What withholds us to show you their wines? Time perhaps, sometimes, but never accessibility nor proximity.

We are proud of our practical website and we would like to invite you to some great discoveries in the menu “collection”.

Kaapwijn goes beyond the bounderies: we appointed a new sales director, gave a modern touch to our logo and present our warehouse as the true reflection of our irresistable portfolio.

Kaapwijn enlarges that portfolio with some new references et embraces the same principle as always: quality has a pricetag which we keep as low as possible for you. Since 1978, as if nothing really changed.

Taste and enjoy our wines, exclusively imported from South Africa and elsewhere. We look forward to work with you.

The price categories on this website are indications of what our distributers will charge you as a private person, taxes included.

Wine in the spotlight: The Vinoneers N° 42 Orpheus & Raven

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